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Basic Designer Account Setup

Before uploading your customizable designs to the PRS database, you will need to create and define five requirements for the Personalization Editor. They are Brands, Fonts, Colors, Categories and Motifs. Adding and defining Brands is explained below. For information on the other requirements, follow the links provided in the menu above.


A brand is a distinguishable line of products. As a designer, you have probably already established your own product brand(s). Those Brands need to be defined in the PRS database. Through PRS, you will be able to have as many brands associated with your account as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Because brands also group and define fonts, colors, and motifs, you will need to set up multiple brands in order to limit specific fonts, colors, and motif's to a group of products.

From the left menu, select the brands link to manage your brand.
  1. Add New Brand - The top of the screen allows you to add a new brand to your Designer Account.

  2. Modify Existing Brand - The Existing Brand(s) area allows you to edit the name of your brand by editing the brand name in the input box and clicking the Update Brand button.

  3. Delete Existing Brand - The Existing Brand(s) area allows you to delete a brand by clicking the checkbox next to the brand and clicking the Update Brand button.