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How does PRS work for Designers?

PRS is a value added service for Designers who add consumer customization options to existing designs.

Through PRS, designs are enhanced in two easy steps:

  1. Customization Fields – PRS aids Designers in adding customization fields for text, photos, monograms, and motifs to existing designs.
  2. Product Database – through PRS, Designers upload PDF designs to a PRS product database that provides easy access to Integrators who sell or manufacture final products.

Setting up PRS to upload your Designs

After creating a PRS Designer Account, Designers will need to define the following items:
  1. Fonts - Upload all of your font files to PRS for use in personalization of text elements.
  2. Colors - Define all color options for the personalized text elements used in the designs.
  3. Motifs - Upload your motif (image) files to PRS for the personalization of designs.
  4. Product Categories - Define various categories of the designs to assist in finding and managing the design database.
  5. Sharing - Grant permission of use to specific Integrator(s).

Setting up your designs for the PRS Personalization Editor

To customize designs, PRS uses a special plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Pro. With PDFlib Block Plugin 4, Designers can draw the customization boxes for text, photos, monograms, and motifs on existing design elements. This convenient plug-in allows the PRS Personalization Editor to be easily manipulated by the Consumer while generating a Print Ready PDF of the customer's creation for export to an Integrator.
  1. Learn how to download and install the PDFlib Bluck Plugin 4 here.
  2. Learn how to define personalization blocks on your designs here.
  3. Learn how to define PRS brands, fonts, colors, categories, and motifs here.
  4. Learn how to define and upload your modified designs to PRS here.
  5. Learn how to grant permission to Integrators to access your designs here.

How does PRS work for Designers Who Sell Direct?

Designers who sell to end consumers are also considered Integrators. Please refer to the Integrator information for instructions on PRS use and integration.


  1. PRS charges $1.00 per ordered Design downloaded by the Designer’s Integrator(s) for order fulfillment. There is a minimum monthly charge of $250.00 per month. This charge is billed to the Integrator's PRS Account.
  2. PRS will invoice your Designer Account on the 1st of every month for storage usage at that time.