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Text, Monogram, and Motif Colors need to be defined in the PRS database and associated with a specific Brand. PRS allows you to add Color definitions individually or through a simple CSV import. RGB values are needed to best depict colors within the browser and CMYK values are needed to produce your Print Ready PDF.

To define your Colors in PRS, click the Colors link for the Brand you are managing.
  1. Add New Color - The fields provided at the top of the screen allow you to add a new Color to your Designer Account. Enter the Name and RGB and CMYK definitions. Select the Add Color button to save.

  2. Upload a CSV file - A six-column Excel document saved as a CSV file can be uploaded to the PRS database for faster Color defining. The column values need to include: Name, RGB, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

  3. Manage and Delete Existing Colors - The Existing Color(s) area allows you to change a color name and the RGB and CMYK values by using the fields provided and selecting the Update Colors button. Delete a Color by clicking the checkbox at the end of the Color line and clicking the Update Colors button.