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Integrate the PRS Editor with your Website

The PRS Editor is accessed with simple HTML code passing specific variables so that we can properly manage and database the consumer's saved design.


The following variables are passed with the URL string to present the proper Design and to store the consumer's personalized product.

  • i = Your PRS assigned Integrator ID. This is found on the main page when you log into your Integrator Account

  • d = The PRS Designer ID assigned to the Product you are calling the PRS PE to present.

  • p = The PRS Designer's Product number you are calling the PRS PE to present.

  • o = Your unique identifer or Oorder ID that allows PRS PE to re-load the stored design when you need to reload the PRS PE or call for the Final Print Ready PDF for production.

    NOTE: This is the ID you will need to store on your own cart system to pull up the final PDF after receiving the order.

The folowing example illustrates the URL string


Simple Javascript Integration

You may choose to integrate PRS any way you see fit on your website. For a simple integration method requiring little to no programming you may choose our Javascript snippet below. More advanced programmers may use this as a reference for their own integration.

This method requires that you have a text input field on your page to store the unique PRS identifier that we generate for you. You will then need to store this field value with the order so you can reference it later.